Monday, August 31, 2009

What's It Like to Work at Pixar?

I can't speak objectively, having only ever worked as an animator at Pixar, but I think it's pretty safe to say that it's the best place in the world for an animator to work. It's a very supportive, nurturing environment. We get to work on great movies that we're proud of, and we have lots of fun, even when we're working hard. There's a spirit of collaboration among the animators that I think is unique to Pixar.

There's a healthy sense of competition, and animators are always offering compliments and critiques on each others' work. Usually the best idea wins, no matter who came up with it, whether it's a note about story, or an acting idea. As for the culture, we've made a really fun place to work. You can take art classes at Pixar University, attend free screenings of current and classic films, and even participate in one of the many rock bands. At last count, I think there are something like 14 bars at Pixar; we work hard, and we play hard! I've never been bored with my job, and being surrounded by so many talented artists, I feel I always having something more to learn. I've been at Pixar for almost 10 years, and it can be easy to get complacent or find thing to complain about, but every once in a while I take a step back and remember just how lucky I am to work there, and I hope I always will!

Guest Blogger Victor Navone


dekmar3d said...

Good for You Victor! I hope to someday be lucky enough to be working alongside you and the rest of the Pixar team.

Amanda Horan said...

sounds like somewhere Id never want to leave! Id like to ber there someday!

studi2prod said...

As an inspiring animator and getting close to graduating from Animation Mentor I can honestly say that PIXAR is in my top 5 of dream studios to work for. However, I am setting realistic goals for myself. Someday though, maybe someday.

Sooi Leon Li-Aun said...

Thank you Victor for that inspiring post. I was wondering what it might be like to work as a technical director or software developer at Pixar? Are these jobs also well integrated into the creative culture?


Herman G said...

Wow, Victor.
Thanx for the incite.. When you get in.. you'll even get better, and to top it off, your a self taught shaolin master animator when you got picked up(I read somewhere). Thats whats keeping me going, thanks for the boost. And mad props to your dedication..
>>>>>>>>>> Rock on

Dan said...

Sooi Leon Li-Aun,

Yes I believe they do. The whole company. Even the security guards and the cooks and the accountants.

Victor Navone said...

Sooi Leon Li-Aun, Dan is right. Everyone at the company has access to the benefits and extra-curricular stuff. Well, maybe not the janitorial staff, who are not actually Pixar employees.

They've done a pretty good job of not letting it feel too corporate as the company grows.

Aabid said...

Thanks for the insights Mr. Navone. Really working there is dream come true. But to reach there is the whole lot of struggle which is going to take place. And for which, I am on it :)