Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Would You Suggest Are the Top 3 Types of Scenes to Include at the Start of a Demo Reel?

What would you suggest are the top 3 types of scenes to include at the start of a demo reel to catch the eye of the viewer? ( e.g. dialogue, walks, acting, etc.)

Your first shot on your demo reel should really grab your audience. It should be the shot that best represents your talents -- the one you are most proud of. If the viewer does not like your first shot, chances are, they are going to turn it off and put in the next demo reel.

I would suggest starting with a strong acting piece -- a line that shows a character's emotion change over the shot: sad to happy, worried to relief, anger to acceptance. This will enable you to showcase your range.

The second shot should show physical animation. "Physical" does not mean a walk cycle, but rather, getting the character from point A to point B in an interesting way. For example, instead of showing a character walk over to pick up a newspaper on the floor, perhaps the character is sipping coffee as he uses his behind to push open the front door and picks up the paper and puts it under his arm while still sipping his morning brew. By giving the audience something completely unexpected but still very much grounded in a realistic performance, you are showing your creativity and your ability to bring something new to the table.

Your last shot is just as important as your first. It's the last thing they are going to see - the last impression you are going leave with the viewer. I wouldn't base your decision on what the shot demonstrates as much as how memorable it is. This could be a catchy line that the viewers will be saying over and over again after they have watched your reel. Or maybe it's a moment that will leave your audience laughing. Whatever it is, the goal is to leave them wanting more.

The most important thing to remember when putting your reel together is that it's about quality, not quantity. One minute of really strong animation goes much farther then five minutes of so-so animation.

Guest blogger Aaron Hartline


Peter Saumur said...

Awesome advice. I will definitely use these guidelines when it comes time to assemble my reel, after graduating (I hope) AM, in September this year.

Steve said...

Thanks Teach!

Nick St Clair said...

Many thanks Aaron!

Chris Silva said...

Thanks Aaron. I will definitely remember this when the time comes to make that reel.

Hannah said...

Thanks! This good advice comes at a perfect time for me!

Herman Gonzales said...


Unknown said...

thanks a lot !! :) definitely useful !!!

Marshall Peterman said...

Starting to make my second reel, and this couldn't have helped more, thanks!

Alex said...

Great advice, I'll definitely think about those hints when i create my reel!!

Krzysztof Boyoko said...

Really good advice, thanks for the tip

Journalman said...

Yes. Good advice

Unknown said...

I don't mean to get off topic, but I am concerned about the possibly of moving to California as an animator because I am not "politically correct", and I don't want to offend anyone but I conciderate it important to be able to have someone whom I can relate to.

Anonymous said...

brilliant brilliant advice, thank you so much =D

Frank said...

Thanks Aaron. Your advice is clear and solid. I understand that you have specified your advice to one part of creating a show reel. However, I have been hearing around the local industry, from recruiters, that the demo reel or show reel you describe is quickly becoming the standard.

No-one wants to be "the standard" or "the average".

I encourage my animation students to plan and design their 'reel' as thoughtfully as designing a short narrative film; with thumbnail planning, storyboarding and attention to detail, such as design for a specific audience (client), and how each animation sequence will transition into the next.

That means the quality is not just within the animation sequences, but also in the presentation of the reel (and the animator) to the potential client/employer.

I'm not sure if you review the comments on the post, but I would be interested in any thoughts, you or any animators reading, may have on the evolution of the show reel.

Or, if may be worthy of consideration for a new discussion?

Thanks for your suggestions on the 3 types of scenes to include in the reel structure.

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