Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do You Still Keep in Touch With Other Animation Mentor Alumni?

Absolutely! I made a lot of friends during my time at Animation Mentor, and I do my best to keep in contact. Technology helps with that, of course. Facebook, Linked In, and the Animation Mentor forums make it easy to stay in touch with friends all over the world.

Events like Siggraph, the Animation Mentor barbecue, and graduation have been great opportunities to reconnect with people from Animation Mentor and are always a blast. It's an incredible experience gathering with so many people that share the same passion.

Of course, if you work in the animation industry these days, it's pretty difficult to avoid running into someone from Animation Mentor. In fact, in my last three jobs, I've had the pleasure of working side by side with other alumni, students, and mentors.

If there's one thing I've learned in my relatively short animation career, it's that networking and the way you interact with people can be almost as important to your success as animation skill can. Luckily, the Animation Mentor community is a great place to build those kind of relationships.

Guest Blogger Nelson Brown