Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Often Do You Work on Colleagues' Work, and What Are Your Tips for Doing So?

This is something that thankfully only happens occasionally. Although when I worked in vfx it was more frequent. At Blue Sky, sometimes a supervisor would get too busy and have to hand a shot off, or someone would leave or get sick for a long while and the shot needed to be finished. Taking over someone else's shot is challenging because people animate in different methods and often with different movers. What you do will depend on the state the shot is in. If it is rough blocking, you can clean up the poses a bit and just use it as your own file, or if you prefer, make a playblast, and pose out your own file using the playblast as reference. If the shot is in splining then you have to use what is there, figure out what movers they used and work with it.

It can be a nightmare deconstructing how somebody else’s animation mind works but the supervisors will understand this and give you some extra time to figure those things out.

I had to do this once on Horton Hears a Who with a shot of Vlad climbing up a tree.
The supervisor had great blocking in, but his methods seemed messy to me and I ended up just making a playblast and using that as reference. Of course, he put extra pressure on me to make it good because it was his shot originally.

On Iron Man 2, I got a shot of Iron Man being tossed into a car. The animator had put keys on all sorts of movers I never used, so I couldn’t figure out where some movement was coming from until I spoke with him. In another shot on the film, an animator had done a pass and they changed directions with it. I ended up re-working the shot, and basically starting over from scratch, after trying and failing to use the data.

The best tip I can give is to speak with the animator who was working on it right away. Ask them how they went about it, what movers they used, and ask the supervisor what he wants to do differently than what is currently there. Just don’t get easily frustrated if someone takes your shot, or feel too bad when you have to finish a fellow animators’ shot. It is not something that anyone wants to do. But it is part of the job.

Guest Blogger Jason Martinsen


Suztv said...

At Moxie we work on each others projects all of the time. Because of the nature of what we do we have to be able to pass off projects without a hitch. I think that if you have a good team and the process and file structure is per-determined then switching from one person to another shouldn't be that problematic. However - I have had the displeasure of opening files from outside vendors that give me a headache just thinking about it. It boils down to organization and documentation. If you work for a studio, production house, freelance etc it doesn't matter. The neater you are with your file and the more you document what you do - the easier it will be to modify later (either by yourself or someone else). Using logical names for items and layers, folders and videos. Organizing with the available color coding will help too. There are also layer markers etc that will go a long way into creating a comp that anyone with a little skill can understand. I cannot stress enough that while its really great to make elegant animation and VFX - that doesn't mean crap if the file takes forever to edit and/or render. A Senior MoGraph artist should be able to dive into a file and produce changes edits without having to spend a lot of time figuring out what the hell is going on. If they do then the person who built it should wear a scarlett letter (A) and that doesn't stand for A+.

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