Friday, August 24, 2012

“Flat Frog” Short Hopes to Make a Great Leap

Margherita Premuroso graduated from Animation Mentor and went straight to work. Today, she owns and operates InkyMind, a studio with locations in the UK and Italy. InkyMind focuses on storytelling, character animation, VFX, postproduction, and titles … the same interests she shared with her classmates.

In fact, Margherita is still very much a part of the online Animation Mentor campus. With the help of classmates Frank Spalteholz, Jonas Manke, and Rodrigo Huerta — not to mention mentor Dana Boadway Masson — InkyMind has proudly produced the pilot episode of
Flat Frog.

Margherita and crew hope to get Flat Frog into production as a full series. The initial rave reviews included a feature in the Daytime Selects portion of SIGGRAPH 2012.

Margherita directed the pilot from Italy, with her classmates and mentor contributing from Germany and the United States. It was a great example of animators putting their brains together — remotely and creatively — to produce an amazing short.

So here is a big Animation Mentor WOOT to Margherita, Frank, Jonas, Rodrigo, and Dana. We are all so super proud of you.

— The Animation Mentor Crew