Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Graduation Speakers: Truly Awesome/Amazing/Inspiring

Here at Animation Mentor, we’ve been doing the graduation thing for awhile (24 amazing classes and counting). We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have some of our industry friends join us for our big event. Truth be known, when we think back — starting with Eric Darnell at our very first grad … wow, what a collection of truly awesome/amazing/inspiring grad speakers: 

Simon Otto | Head of Character Animation | DreamWorks Animation
Dean DeBlois (introduced by Glen McIntosh) | Director | DreamWorks Animation
Dennis Muren | Visual Effects Supervisor | Industrial Light & Magic
Lee Unkrich | Director, Writer, and Editor | Pixar Animation Studios
Charles Alleneck | Digital Artist and Lead Animator | Industrial Light & Magic
Dave Burgess | Head of Character Animation | DreamWorks Animation
Tim Johnson | Director and Executive Producer | DreamWorks Animation
Glen McIntosh | Character Animator | Industrial Light & Magic
Pete Docter | Director and Writer | Pixar Animation Studios
David Schaub | Animation Supervisor/Sr. Supervising Animator | Sony Pictures Imageworks
Eric Darnell | Director and Writer | DreamWorks Animation

And today, we are excited (and proud … and humbled, too) to add Andrew Stanton — Executive Producer and Writer from Pixar Animation Studios — to our esteemed list of graduation speakers. If you ever wanted to see inspiration in action, be sure to check out Andrew's speech:

— The Animation Mentor Crew


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