Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome to Our Animation Blog!

Hello there! Welcome to the first AM blog!

If you're reading this, you probably already know that I write an animation Tips & Tricks article for our monthly newsletter. This blog will be a place where I can publicly answer some of the emailed questions I get that I just don't have room to answer in the newsletter. (Let's face it - if my newsletter articles get any longer, they'll have to design a whole new internet to accommodate them!)

We'll also be posting some stuff from the newsletters in here (mostly stuff that didn't make it into the ebook) in the hopes of spreading that info around a bit more, so if you're a longtime reader you'll probably notice some repeats, but there will be plenty of new content for you guys as well...

As always, feel free to email questions, complaints, ideas, feedback, and your favorite drink recipes to me at:

And a big special thanks to Eunice Park, Kris Larson, Rachel Ito, and Big Michael Dauz for helping get this set up and making it look so pretty!

Shawn :)


Anirudh said...

awesome !!

now AM enters the BLOGOSPHERE to conquer it !!!

3 cheers to AM !


NSK said...

subscribed to the feed.....this is really cool!

Luke Burnet said...

woooooo hoooooo !! :D cool idea, this site is another in my the best site list ;)thanks.

Shri said...

this is something important,
we people in india..expecially the southern part of india..dont get much animation..i have struggled my way to learn each and every bit from scratch.i still believe that i have a long way to go..and iam thankful that AM
has put fwd such bloggs,
shrijith rajendran

frank said...

Hi Shawn

I'm spreading the word about the new AM blog amongst the animation students in Brisbane, Australia.

Thanks for another online resource.

rupinder singh said...

Hi shawn,

this site was long awaited, thanx for starting it. this site will be heaven for all the animators.

SeanM said...


Is there a way to post a short animation for review.

I don't have the time for classes at this point and it would be a great help to have a professional opinion.

Thanks, Sean

Unknown said...


Thanks guys.


Paul Griffin said...

Hey Shawn,

I'm really happy to see you talking about all things animation. I know we used to talk at length about animation issues and ideas and its great to see you keeping that discussion going and spreading it to a wider audience. Where you find the time, I don't know, but cheers for doing it.

In particular I'm happy to see you promoting the idea of pre-planning for animation. As you know, I'm a big fan of video as a reference and stress to animators that they develop a sense of "muscle memory" before they start laying down even a single keyframe. If you can feel the action in your body and what muscles you're using, its so much easier to animate that because you are already in tune with the motion. Jumping into animation without thinking a performance through can be a recipe for struggle.

Looking forward to reading more as go. Keep up the good work!

All the best,


Paul Griffin

yatin said...
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yatin said...

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