Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is it Tough to Find Your First Job? Do You Have Any Tips for Finding That First Gig?

If you do your best throughout school and really put forth 110% effort, a job will come. Maybe not right after graduating, but it will eventually. Don't be afraid to apply to studios that you feel you have no chance getting into, but don't apply only to those studios. Be open for any opportunity and use it as a learning experience to move you closer to your goal.

I felt I was very lucky to find work right after school. I didn't feel ready to get my work out there, so I was planning on taking three months to finish up my short film. In the meantime, I saw that Tippett Studio was looking for animators for an upcoming project that sounded interesting. So, after convincing myself I had nothing to lose, I decided to apply. A couple weeks later, I had a phone interview. A month after that, I was moving to the Bay Area to work on my first film!

I did have animation experience before going to Animation Mentor, though. I think what I learned at Animation Mentor plus previous studio experience at a game studio helped me land a job quicker than I thought I would. Some people begin Animation Mentor with no animation or Maya experience at all. After graduation, these animators might need more time to refine their skills before getting a job. But there are some that get jobs right after graduating, even without prior experience. It all depends. We all are at different levels, learn differently, have different amounts of time we can put in.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t find a job right out of school. Keep working hard and you’ll get there!

Guest Blogger Jess Morris


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your positive outlook on the animation industry. I'm also looking for a job in animation.
I went to college for 4 years, and still feel so green. As Kermit says *it ain't easy being green*. Shesh.

If you want to chat sometime. My Yahoo is EdieNiomi :3

Abhay said...

Excellent post Jess .....truly inspiring and help full

predator said...

Good advices, I'll keep in mind, thank you Jess! You're awesome!

Unknown said...

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Chillibibi said...

Its a bit daunting, I finished the Animation Course at Escape studios in september and have not gotten a job yet, but i tink my reel needs more work. But i tink once i keep at it i will eventually get a my dream job! tanks for inspiring me to keep the hope alive

Jess Morris said...

re ravendevine: I have been animating in films for two years and I definitely still feel green! Actually, a fellow animator has been doing this for TEN years and says HE still feels green. I think its a humble way to feel. Always in the mindset to learn and get better!

re abhay and predator: Thanks for reading and letting me know it helped!

re moni: Stop posting spam :P

re earthprincess: Keep animating and you'll get that job! I have seen too many animators stop animating after graduation and never add anything new to their reel. You have to keep going and stay inspired!

And its hard to break into this industry! At least it was for me and most others I know! I did two internships after college to get me started. It was great experience and it showed I really wanted to work in the field. The second internship led to a job in video games! I then attended Animation Mentor, which gave me the skills I needed to bring my work up to par for an entry level animation position in film.

Moral of the story: keep animating, keep learning, and along with applying for those golden jobs, also apply for entry level jobs that will put you in an environment that will help you grow as an animator and get you experience!

JoAnn said...

That was very inspiring and hopeful! I haven't graduated yet but I'm in transition from one school to the other. I am really hoping it works out for me though~ I'll definitely keep your words in my mind when summer comes close to internships.

Chris said...

Great post! I'm learning from an online school, I'm almost 40 with 3 kids and have 0 experience. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm scared as hell to compete in this industry, BUT I love it and my hopes are riding on that. I think those of us that animate have to remember that we are trying to do what we love and only good can come from that. Good luck everyone!

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