Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do Animators Use Camera Angles to Hide Animation Flaws?

If there is a flaw, it is the animator's job to fix it.

Sometimes animators do animate just the upper body in frame thinking that they are saving time and work by ignoring what isn’t seen. An animation supervisor with a critical eye will immediately see that flaw.

The body off screen has to motivate what we see on screen. This is more critical with computer animation because it doesn’t have the “cheat zone” of 2D. No matter what animation medium you work in, you have to create the illusion of feet moving to adjust balance or shift weight to initiate a move, even if it isn’t seen on screen.

This does not have to be polished animation, but it has to be analyzed and blocked in. It is dangerous to think that a camera angle will hide an animation flaw, because the people you are trying to impress will likely notice it right away and it could cost you that new job. Ultimately, it’s our responsibility as animators to animate the character properly.

Guest Blogger Wayne Gilbert


Michael said...

When making 2D animation, this is no problem bu all, but when you make 3D you need to test it under all angles. Ive seen many animations with flaws and those are just unrealistic.

Nutchapol Thiti said...

thank you. That's useful.

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